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Learning Management System for Christian Living Communities / Dementia Inclusive

Problem: Needed a platform to inform, track progress, organize companies, groups, and individuals who were being educated on what dementia is and on serving people with dementia.

Solution: Design a scaleable platform to register companies, organizations, groups, and individual users to the material. Provide an admin friendly application to offer training, track progress, notify key stakeholders, and deliver education and training material related to dementia and people with dementia.

Background: Christian Living Communities / Dementia Inclusive

About CLC
We are a mission-driven, Colorado-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to re-firement living. This is not a word in the dictionary but it perfectly describes our priority – providing you or your loved one with gracious, exceptional and inspired services and care.

CLC Vision
Creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

CLC Mission
Christian Living Communities enriches the quality and dignity of life for older adults through services and care that reflect Christian love, respect, and compassion toward each individual.

CLC Values
Christian Living Communities does everything using these core values: Love, Compassion, Respect, Leadership, Unity and Integrity

About Dementia Inclusive

Dementia Inclusive is:

  • A convening platform to gather and organize information and education that is accessible to the general community.
  • An intentional targeting of businesses, organizations and corporations for this platform, as we know we can improve the general community experience by improving how team members interact and serve those living with dementia. We also know that businesses, organizations and corporations are made up of people; people with families and friends affected by dementia.
  • A commitment by businesses, organizations, corporations and community members to improve understanding and acceptance of people living with dementia and to take it even one step further, to develop inclusive practices.

AppLogic Solution:

When AppLogic and CLC met to discuss the project, they determined that the platform needed to be fast, easy to use, and scalable. A simple request, but with the potential complexity of the users and companies using the platform, not an easy one. Using a Microsoft Azure cloud-based web service tied to Microsoft SQL Azure database and an Azure Dynamic Storage solution, AppLogic built out the platform.

Utilizing backend .NET MVC code, the initial application framework was up and running within a short amount of time. The first task was to build out the SQL database with all the fields necessary for login information as well as users tied to a company or organization. Among those data elements, AppLogic needed to account for individual tracking of progress though the course material. Once completed, AppLogic was able to move onto the more complicated design elements: the dynamic menu and course material interface.

Dynamic menu:
A unique feature of the Dementia Inclusive application is a menu structure that is not static. AppLogic designed a menu feature where an admin can move/add/change (MAC) or delete and item in the menu at anytime. By allowing an admin stakeholder to tailor what they need at anytime saves the back and forth time between AppLogic and the stakeholder for changes…. which ultimately saves money! The real-time responsive menu is driven by the SQL database and streamline code. A simple interface is all that is needed for changes, so easy that anyone can do it!

Course Material:
Another unique feature of the Dementia Inclusive application is the way in which course material is handled. CLC wanted to be able to have different media types available for courses; from video to simple PowerPoint. To accommodate this, AppLogic designed an easy upload process that will take a media file and copy it up to the Azure Storage solution for easy access by the web application. The application can define the file type, process it accordingly and in conjunction with the application, deliver it in its best format for the user.

Course progression and delivery:
With any training material, it is always best if the user sees everything that is presented in the curated form that the author intends. In our digital world, it is easy to sometimes bypass that. CLC wanted to make sure a user saw everything from start to finish. AppLogic ensured this by dynamically, on a user basis, make sure that fast forward was disabled. AppLogic went 1 step further and if you quit a session and came back, the application knew right where you left off and took you to your last point in the material – a unique feature custom to this application.

The application can handle multiple users from multiple organizations and groups. Easy uploading of user data from various file types (Excel, text file, etc.) will make administration easy. AppLogic’s unique interface elements make the menu easily configurable and the course content easy to manage, upload, and distribute. Notifications allow up to date information to be delivered to key stakeholders as well as individual users. The application is lightning fast and as it needs more power behind it, Microsoft Azure will scale the back-end accordingly and deliver. The CLC/Dementia Inclusive Application was delivered on budget and on time, now we can set our sights on expanding the application to reach even more people and adding more content to be the premier application of its kind!

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