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Customized Apps Created in a Collaborative Process

Customized apps from AppLogic are built to give our clients a winning advantage that empowers their staff to work smarter and more effectively. Clients provide knowledge of their own business processes. AppLogic provides expertise in determining what can be automated through a custom application and how to build apps for greatest ease of use and adaptability over time.

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We Are Agile and Lean

AppLogic uses a hybrid process that combines methodologies from Agile (Scrum/Kanban) and Lean development (Build-Measure-Learn). This allows us to rapidly build solutions that are immediately available and yield a real-world, measurable benefit to clients even in the initial development cycle.

Our approach to the application development process includes 4 Core Concepts: Discover, Design, Develop, and Deliver. This approach enables clients to add development cycles, as well as pivot direction when desired, all toward clients’ final goal.

agile process


Discovery is the most significant process step in defining project purpose and deliverables. In this stage, we work closely with clients to ensure that the project as defined will meet all of the their needs and goals.


In the UX/UI design stage, we work to understand how the custom app will be integrated into the client’s other internal business processes. Intelligent design is simple for the user and powerful in its function for your business.


Our highly-skilled development team takes over the process to provide solutions that address the right problem quickly and efficiently.


AppLogic’s ultimate goal is to deliver on all aspects of the project and ensure timelines are met.

A core component of the Lean methodology we use is the build-measure-learn feedback loop:

  • Build – Create the solution and develop a working product.
  • Measure – Compare build intention vs. actual outcome.
  • Learn – Each iteration cycle yields an opportunity to learn.

Our Custom App Lifecycle Process in Practice


The process for each custom app project is unique. From large multi-module projects to smaller single cycle ones, each project will benefit from the solution lifecycle approach we take. Each cycle of the process includes defined components that provide a measurable benefit to the client. This ensures that the solution is always moving forward.

Solution Development + Project Method

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Hybrid Benefits


By integrating these 4 Core Concepts with Agile and Lean methodologies, we build custom apps on a measurable project management platform that continuously moves each cycle of the project forward until the all the client’s goals are met.

Bringing the Solution All Together

agile and lean development

Custom Applications Delivered


Each cycle iteration can be scaled up from a simple task to the overall project solution. After every completed cycle, there is a deliverable application that is complete and production-ready-usable. This integrated approach to custom application development allows our clients’ projects to move forward at their desired pace.


We Build More Than Apps

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