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Learning Management Systems Designed for Robust Online Training

Learning management systems are becoming an important tool for corporations, organizations, educational institutions and associations of all kinds. Employees, students or organization members have an opportunity to learn, achieve certifications, study for licensing exams, or understand company policies and procedures at a time convenient for them.

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A learning management system from AppLogic provides an efficient and effective way to teach or train. Training apps allow companies to monitor and record the activity of employees engaged in any type of compliance or ethics training. Educational concepts can be delivered through a variety of media including photos, video, and slideshows. Our cloud-based learning system can be accessed from any computer or mobile device anywhere, at any time. The learning management platform also can be used to review and test employees’ understanding and retention of the information presented.

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Our customized learning management system is a high-value tool because the AppLogic LMS is built on an existing platform of modules that are fully customizable. Here are the benefits of our LMS:

  • Our timelines for completion can be shorter, giving clients a working system more quickly.
  • Our solution has been proven to offer stable functionality.
  • Clients secure a more robust system at lower cost.

AppLogic’s learning management system is hosted on secure servers and can be designed for use on a variety of devices and with any browser.

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